Luigi (Japanese: ルイージ, Ruīji) is Mario's younger, taller, thinner twin brother. He is a major protagonist of the Mario series. Luigi has helped and fought alongside his brother on many occasions. Throughout his life, he has lived in Mario's shadow, developing both cowardly and heroic tendencies. Mario Bros. marks his first appearance in the Mario series and his debut in general. Originally a palette swap of Mario, Luigi was created to facilitate a second player option. Since the two-player mode was dropped from most main Super Mario games beginning with Super Mario Land, Luigi has gained his own identity and personality. This is especially noticeable in installments for the Luigi's Mansion series of games, as well as the Mario & Luigi series.

Super Mario 64 DSEdit

File:Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 64 DS.png

While Luigi does not appear in the final version of Super Mario 64, he does appear in its remake Super Mario 64 DS. Luigi, along with Mario and Wario, enter Princess Peach's Castle after she invites them. Bowser and his Koopa Troop then took over the castle and captured each of the plumbers. Luigi was locked behind a door, and the key to the door was guarded by King Boo. Eventually, Yoshi, who was sleeping on the castle roof and was not captured by Bowser's troop, manages to rescue Mario, who in turn manages to find King Boo's hideout and defeats him in battle, allowing him to get the key needed to free Luigi. While Luigi himself is needed to get certain stars, several Luigi Caps can be found on every course after he's been rescued. The Luigi caps allow the wearer to mimic Luigi's appearance, attributes and abilities perfectly, save for his voice. Luigi is also the only character who could save Wario from Chief Chilly's grasp, as he was needed to walk through a mirror using his invisibility flower to get to Wario's painting.


Although Luigi runs a bit slower than his brother Mario, the instruction booklet for Super Mario 64 DS says that he has the greatest agility (though he does swim faster than the other characters). Luigi is also the best jumper, tied with Yoshi, but is the second weakest character, meaning he takes longer to pick up enemies and walks slower while carrying them. If Luigi performs a backward somersault, he does a Spin Jump, similarly to what happens when any of the characters jumps on a Fly Guy. Luigi can also Scuttle for a short period of time (a reference to the trait applied to him in the Super Mario Advance remakes of SNES games), and he can also run on water for a few seconds because of his lighter body. Luigi's ability from a Power Flower is to become invisible, similar to the invisible power Mario gets in the original game when wearing the Vanish Cap. This ability allows him to evade enemies and run through certain interfaces.

All of Luigi's minigames from the Rec Room, some also reused in New Super Mario Bros.'s minigame mode, revolve around gambling games. Luigi acts as the dealer in all of the card games, and he does not wear his usual attire, instead wearing a white shirt with a black vest and a green bow tie. Template:Br


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